Fun and easy Christmas DIY decor ideas.

Christmas is almost here… We are decking the halls, getting the Christmas list ready, wrapping presents and mailing out our christmas cards to family and friends. Also the perfect excuse to drink a cup of hot cocoa and cookies in a chilly evening.
I love this time of the year, so festive and filled with love and joy. What is not to love about this Holiday season!

This year I started early decorating my home for Christmas. We had our tree up and the Nativity right after Thanksgiving. This year I went with silver and red for the theme.
I also created a few DIY simple decor ideas specially the Christmas cards collage board to make the perfect display of these special memories this year. All you need is a few items that you may find at Michaels stores, my favorite one stop shop to almost everything. Here is the list:
A cork board, ribbons, pins, thumb tags 2 cardboard letters and hot glue gun.

Here is how to do it. Just hot glue a 1/2 inch ribbon around the inner frame, then a 1 inch ribbon on the outer frame.

Hold a few strings of thin ribbon from the top by using thumb tags and add your christmas pins, and the merry Christmas words, you may also use washi tape to stick them to the board. You will have your own beautiful collage of Christmas cards in one place.

What is your favorite DIY decor this Christmas? Lets share!

MLC Team

Posted on: December 9, 2014